Monday, March 18, 2024

Copilot Productivity Tip – Teams Chat Catchup

Time spent per day before: 30-60 minutes
Time spent with Copilot: 5-15 minutes


My workday at Microsoft involves communication with multiple teams spread around the globe, which means in-person communication is not always possible. This is why Teams has become the go-to tool for many conversations and discussions. When I start my day at 8am in the morning I know chats has happened in other time zones, and instead of reading everything right away I can use Copilot catchup for a summary, and then decide if I need to read it all.

I typically use the “Summarize what I've missed” Copilot suggested prompt inline in the chat which opens the Copilot pane, or I open the pane manually as seen below with prompts such as “Highlights from the past day” or “Highlights from the past 7 days”.

image image