Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Copilot Productivity Tip – Teams Message Rewrite

Time spent per day before: 10 minutes, rethinking the words to use
Time spent with Copilot: 1-2 minutes, letting Copilot do the work


One of the challenges when writing is to convey feelings or emotion on what you type. I like to be short and concise in my messaging, but sometimes this may not be the best way to communicate when talking to people you don't know, or even people you know.

Let’s take the message “I don’t agree with your points” and run it thru Copilot to make it longer and Enthusiastic.


The output can be something like: “Thank you for sharing your perspective. However, I have a different view on the matter and I would like to explain why I disagree with some of the points you made.” which is less likely to piss Vesa off :)


You can even do a customized prompt for formatting: “Make it sound like it was written by Super Mario”. The above prompt is actually a prompt hack to overcome Responsible AI to add some Paolo Italian flavor into the message.