Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NSC Talk–SharePoint search planning 101

Today was an excellent meeting at the Norwegian SharePoint Community where I had the pleasure to do one of three talks for the evening.

The first talk was by Henning Strand from Mills. Henning talked about their process portal to support product development, a portal made with very little code. The second talk was by my colleague Mads Nissen, outlining how we at Puzzlepart do apps development for SharePoint without using SharePoint – only ASP.Net and Excel. Both talks were very interesting and targeted both end-users and devs.

Last one out was myself doing a slide only talk on SharePoint search planning, where I tried to level the crowd from level 100 to level 400 on the SharePoint maturity model regarding search, in just 25 minutes.

Henning and Mads both went over their allotted time so I did my presentation in a lightning fast tempo. My Cliffs Notes reference went above everyone's heads as they had never heard about it, but I hope the crowd got the message in spite of me talking extremely fast. I talk quite fast when getting excited, and trying to catch up the lost time didn’t help :)

Also thanks to Michal Pisarek for letting me "steal" from “Why Your SharePoint Search Sucks”, a slide deck worth going over. Mine was sort of the Cliffs Notes of his talk. Both talks about the same topic but with different approaches.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How would you optimize this piece of C# code?

csharpI’ve been digging into some code lately when getting into an existing project, and came across these two lines:
if (Math.Max(thisString.Length, otherString.Length) > Math.Pow(2, 31))
throw new ArgumentException("String too long");

Looking at the code I see right away that this is ported from some other language over to C#. It’s quite easy to optimize it…. how would you do it?