Thursday, June 6, 2024


How time flies! I have now been 5 years at Microsoft. I started as a Program Manager, which changed into Product Manager, and now I’m an Engineer.


Despite the title changes the work I do has not changed much over these five years. I have always been a jack of many trades, and I enjoying doing many things at once. When everything is interesting and challenging, it is hard to cut something out. And I have been lucky to be allowed to work to my strengths while still learning – and I love to learn!

What has changed over the years is that I have learned to appreciate process and governance more than before. Which is why I have onboarded to internal roles as privacy champ, compliance champ and responsible AI champ – the last one becoming increasingly important as Microsoft focus all energy on Copilot. Luckily for me loving search as a function and search tech, is that Microsoft Search plays an important role also in Copilot.

What the next one or five years will bring I have no idea, and it’s not important. I’m still a day to day kind of person, with no long term plans. If what I do is fun, challenging and benefits Microsoft customers, I will keep doing it. And for those who know me, I’m not giving up om my long term mission to cut ties from classic SharePoint search features still having dependencies in the modern world of Microsoft Search. Some cuts are hard but still important to ensure the success of future experiences.

Cake time!