Friday, September 25, 2015

Getting past the CSWP item limit of 50 results–in one page load

I wrote about a solution to this back in 2013, which today seems a bit hacky. Elio Struyf also recently wrote about this (and I stole the post title from him :-) where he does subsequent 50 item loading calls to fill up the item list.

Here’' I’ll show a solution which can load up to whatever limit is set at the SSA or tenant (which by default is 500) on the initial load of the CSWP. I will use the same approach as I did when configuring the OSSSearchResults.aspx page in How to do a light weight search center using osssearchresults.aspx (part 2/3).

The limit of 50 is hard coded in the CSWP server side – see my original post for details.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Export and import property bag values from SharePoint using PowerShell

This one is for us oldies still doing on-premises work with SharePoint.


I’m currently working on a 2010 to 2013 migration and we need to move some values from the farm and web application property bags as we’re not doing a 1:1 migration, but merging multiple 2010 farms solutions into one new 2013 farm.

So I googelized a bit and came up with this script which can export and import property bag values from SPFarm, SPWebApplication, SPSite and SPWeb. Should be pretty self explanatory to use but it could look like this:

./Export-Import-Props.ps1 –Url http://myserver -CsvFile ./test.csv -Level SPWebApplication -Mode Export

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Adding icons to Visio 2013 files in search results


It’s been a while since Microsoft launched Office 2013, and with Office 2016 soon coming out they still have not thought about giving Visio 2013 files a file icon in the search results.

The issue is two-fold. The Result Type used to pick the default Office display template and the JavaScript function Srch.U.getFriendlyNameForFileExtension (Search.ClientControls.js) are only matching on pre-2013 file extensions.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Inconvenient renaming of a Group

I recently created a new group named “Blog posts” at our company, getting the URL Then a colleague said this was not a good name as it should be named “Authoring like a Pro” instead.

Ok… I could have deleted the group and created a new one, but I opted to rename it instead.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Creating another Delve Clone–A real one this time!

Ok…..once again it’s Friday and that means my mind starts to spin. This time around a question about using Delve for external users from the Delve group of the Office 365 Yammer network.


The Delve application itself is not available for external users, but the signals from external users are. I have previously created a Delve clone using the Content Search Web Part, which also works for external users. It should be polished a bit though :)