Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Windows 7 beta - issues

Here's my first comments and experiences with Windows 7.

I downloaded Windows 7 this weekend and did an upgrade of a 32bit Vista sp1 laptop. The upgrade itself took 4 hours which is ok since I have a lot of stuff installed. The system itself behaves much more snappy than Vista. Startup and shutdown is quicker, hibernation is quicker, basically the OS response time is much better.

Issues which I had after the upgrade:

  • Only one cpu core was working. This was due to incorrect ACPI driver being used. Resolution was to disable multi core in the bios and let Windows redetect the cpu. Then shutdown and enable the second core again. This made Windows enable both cores.
  • Daemon tools is not working (SPTD driver)
  • Had to do a repair install on Acrobat Reader 9 and Java in order for them to work in IE 8
  • My built-in Broadcom network card is not working properly (BCM5906M) It won't access the LAN at work and get an IP address. Have to debug a bit more to find out more about the issue.
  • Toshiba bluetooth device is not working properly. Vista drivers won't work and Windows built-in driver are just as crap as Vista. Meaning basically not supporting much at all.

I'll report more issues when they appear, but for now I give two thumbs up for this release!