Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SharePoint 2010: Search-Driven Portals


On April 7th, 2010 (1pm Pacific Time) I will be presenting at a Microsoft TechNet webcast together with a colleague. The topic at hand is: How can we use search engines as a source of content for internet facing portals.

TechNet Webcast: SharePoint 2010: Search-Driven Portals (Level 200)

Websites today are often statically authored, meaning the components on the page have been put there by a person, and they show the same content to all visitors.

What if you could leverage the user’s context and intent in a better fashion together with the features of an enterprise search engine? Then package this in reusable business components in order to author better content to the end-user?

In this webcast we will propose FAST together with SharePoint as a starting platform to achieve this. By combining your business logic in workflows you can reuse logic and content across pages in a more dynamic way. Think of search as a more intelligent CMS tool, and define search as lookups to the source necessary to achieve a task, not just queries against the search engine.