Monday, August 16, 2010

Boot a little bit faster with Windows 7

It’s nothing new, but thought I’d mention it for those who are not aware of it.

When booting Windows 7, or Vista, it will only use one cpu or core when executing the programs during the boot process. It might not help you at all, but if a lot of services etc are started upon boot, it might improve your boot time a little bit.

  1. Click on: [Start] (Round windows button on your taskbar)
  2. Type in: msconfig
  3. Hit: [Enter]
  4. Click on the tab: Boot
  5. Click: Advanced options…
  6. Check: Number of processors
  7. Select the number for your machine, 2 in my case as I have a dual core, without hyper-threading.
  8. Click on: [OK]

That’s it, it will now utilize more of your cpu during boot.