Sunday, February 27, 2011

FAST Search for SharePoint Query Logger

Inspired by a blog post by Neil I created a log monitor which will allow you to view and save the xml returned from the internal QR server in FAST. Very useful for debugging queries. You can find the tool at

Note: Using this tool in production will log searches and results as the user executing it, and you might be in violation of company policy and regulations by using it. I’m a big advocate of security in the enterprise, and by using such a tool you might get access to information which you are not privy to, even as a search administrator.

I hope new releases of FS4sP of will tighten this up, and give us a better way of debugging searches on the FAST server. I also hope Microsoft will secure/encrypt the fixml files.



  1. Awesome tool Mikael, it will make using the QR Server in dev just that much easier.

  2. Glad it could be of help.

    I've started on a backlog for improved functionality as well :)

  3. Nice tool Mikael. But how do I get SCOPE in query packet?

    1. Been a while but I think scopes are convertd to FQL which should be visible in the final query.