Thursday, September 26, 2013

Offline URL Decoder - or GUID Decoder :)

I recently read a post by Jasper Oosterveld about how to decode a URL encoded string using the on-line page
I’ve used that a lot myself, but an almost as easy way is to use your browser. In IE you may type

in the address bar and it will decode it on the fly. Of course there is a quirk as some versions of IE strip the javascript part if you paste it.


Same works in Chrome if you first open a new blank tab, and then enter the same command. If you re-use an existing page it fails.

Or in your favorite browser, hit F12 which should open developer toolbars, choose the javascript console and execute the command there. Below is a screenshot from IE11.


Then all you’re left with is if it’s still easier to open that on-line page Smile