Saturday, March 8, 2014

Search Query Tool v2–released on Codeplex

Having been granted contributor access to the SharePoint 2013 Query Tool project I have together with Maximilian Melcher added some new useful features to the tool over the last couple of months. v2 of the tool was released on Codeplex during my session, “Managing Search Relevance in SharePoint 2013 and O365” at SPC14, as I had previously hinted to at Yammer.


The new features are:

  • Rank Detail, implementing ExplainRank in the tool itself
  • Pick Result Source, no need to enter the GUID’s of oob sources
  • Live Monitoring on-premises
  • Anonymous Login
  • Freshness Boost

Head over to and grab your copy now!


But there are two more features as well, which we have added as experimental as they might not be needed or have a caveat to them. The two features currently being disabled by default are in-line previews of documents and pages and the ability to see all managed properties for an item.

Inline previews are straight forward, but the all managed properties feature needs a post on it’s own, which I’m currently working on.


To enable the features, open up SearchQueryTool.exe.config, and change the property ExperimentalFeatures to true, then restart the application.


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  1. Wow, those features are very very useful.Thank you very much for sharing it Mikael.