Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Welcome to the IT(comm)Unity

A new kid is on the block! I'm very excited to be part of the launch of IT Unity, an incredible new site that empowers individuals and organizations to solve business problems with technology. IT Unity is a community of trusted experts, users, business decision makers, IT professionals, developers, and industry solution providers - everyone who works with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 and is interested in sharing their knowledge can find a home at IT Unity.

At ITUnity.com, you'll find a site where you can:
  • CONNECT with world-renowned subject matter experts and peers in community-driven forums. Take advantage of experts' regular office hours and ask the questions. Gain invaluable insight through lively discussion of issues that community members are facing.
  • SHARE how you've solved a problem, created a service or product, or developed expertise. IT Unity's global audience and network of industry relationships will enhance your visibility and the impact you can make on the broader community.
  • DISCOVER how SharePoint, Office 365, and other technologies can drive innovation and business value. Find best practices, guidance, answers and lessons learned from experts and organizations that have tackled the challenges you face.
  • DEVELOP your knowledge, your skills, your reputation, and your professional network.
At the moment the main driving forces behind the IT Unity content are Dan Holme, Andrew Connell and Scot Hillier, but may other experts have already contributed content to IT Unity. You will continue to see my stuff on this blog, but I’ll also post over at IT Unity, the thought is to create more tutorials than direct solution solving posts.

There are big plans for IT Unity and we would love for you to become part of this CommUNITY. Tweet it up over at @itunity01!