Monday, July 21, 2014

Better Best Bets with Lists

imageBest Bets or Promoted results is a great way to give end-users the answer to their search query without the additional click to open a page or document to locate the precise information they were looking for. Bing and Google already have many examples of this if you for example look for weather information or currency conversion.
Head over to the Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog, and read more about how you can improve on SharePoint’s built-in solution!


  1. Hi Mikael,

    For better best bets, we need to fix “you have seen this before” issue for some of the URLS. We would like to intercept how these clicks get logged into the analytics component and logging the URL’s we want to capture for these clicks rather than what the system is logging.
    As per your suggestion by you just modify the recordPageClick javascript we can achieve this. So it would be great if you guide us how we can modify or change recordPageClick javascript to get rid of "You have seen before" for few URL(s).
    There are two places we are getting this issue (You have seen this before)
    1. Above the Search Results (Control search template)
    2. Search box Query suggestion (Search box template)

    Thanks in advanced

    1. This one got lost on me...and I'll see if I get time to address this.