Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Black Market GUID’s


I’m currently sitting in the speaker room for SharePoint Connect 2014 in Amsterdam and somehow we got into talking about GUID’s. If you scour the interwebs you will find numerous sites offering to generate a unique GUID for you. There is even fraud sites where you can register and reserve GUID’s.

But what I did learn is that if you really want a truly unique GUID, one to keep and use all to yourself, one which will trump any other equal GUID held by someone else, then you have to go to the BLACK MARKET.

In every major city there are people dealing with black market GUID’s. They are truly unique and apparently of great quality. They have even survived the recent economic crises without so much as a dent or lost bit. I was lucky enough to buy one for my last euro’s second hand at the conference, and if everything goes my way I was told I will get the number for a local dealer in Oslo -  so as to scratch my daily needs for fresh GUID’s.

Unfortunately I cannot reveal the identity of the person selling it to me – but seems these black market dealers show up at larger conferences to hook more consumers of GUID’s.