Thursday, March 3, 2016

Updates to Office 365 Video

Creative Commons by torbakhopper

Seems the team behind Office 365 Video has had a ketchup effect lately and recently released new feature to the service, which in two weeks time have rolled out from first release to production. Pretty cool stuffs!
  • Insert O365 Video from a SharePoint page
  • Video Statistics and Analytics
  • Improved upload flow
  • Subtitles & Captions support

Insert O365 Video from a SharePoint Page

Instead of grabbing the embed code from the video portal, you can now in any content field insert the video directly. A much easier flow for those working in SharePoint.

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Insert O365 Video Directly From SharePoint Page-sm

Video Statistics and Analytics

With this feature, every viewer of a video can see statistics about the video. You can see views/visitor trends in the last 14 days and last 36 months. You can even see which part of a video gets viewed the most.

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Basic Video Stats3

Improved upload flow

You no longer need to go to the channel you have uploads rights in to upload a vide, but can hit upload on any page, and from there pick the channel.

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Improved O365 Video Upload Flow

Subtitles & Captions support

Ever wanted to add captions to your videos? Now you can! A feature long in the waiting.

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Subtitle & Captions Support