Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Why the new Microsoft is cool–rapid bug fixing

I had a customer report that the label when closing a card in Planner gave the wrong impression of the actual action. The term used was “Forkast”,(English “Dismiss”). The labeling gives the impression that whatever changes you have made are not saved, which is not the case as all changes are auto saved.

Norwegian text when closing a task card in Planner

I reported this to Microsoft in a translation forum I’m part of at Linked-in, and lo and behold, one week later Microsoft changed the label in all languages, where the English label now is “Close”. “Close” communicates the correct action a lot better indeed :D

A tiny step, but a one week turnaround on this is awesome!


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  1. Nice...
    Actually, I have a strange problem with search in Microsoft Team conversation that it seems the tokenization algorithm is based on the first character of that conversation. (i.e if you start the sentence in Thai it will work with thai tokenization, if you start the sentence in English and there are thai keywords afterwards, the thai tokenization won't work)

    I posted in the Microsoft Team and wish that they will solve this problem soon. :)