Thursday, February 28, 2019

PowerApps user filtering gotcha against SharePoint


PowerApps has for a long time supported filtering SharePoint data based on a person – the typically scenario in a PowerApps being that you want to fetch data rows based on the logged in user in PowerApps.

If you look at the post they have a sample along the lines of:


Issues is a SharePoint list and AssignedTo is people field, containing the person an issue is assigned to.

The issue with this sample is that User.Email() actually returns thee user principle name (UPN), and not the e-mail address, and the value is also always in lower case. For most users this does not represent a problem, but for some it might. If your e-mail address is, the UPN could be, thus the filtering would fail as it’s case sensitive.

The solution is to filter on the Claims property for a person field in SharePoint instead of Email.

What I typically do is that in the application OnStart event I set a global variable where I prefix the UPN with the default claims prefix.


The filter command then turns into:


Happy PowerApp’ing!