Monday, December 9, 2019

Troubleshooting Search in SharePoint Online

coverOver the past years I’ve aggregated patterns and ways I use when troubleshooting why search results does not appear in the way you would expect. Some of it has appeared as blog posts, but for a while I’ve been thinking of putting it into a structured format.

Hence the book “Troubleshooting Search in SharePoint Online” was born. The book is a brain dump of my experience combined with help from others, and is means as a self-help book on investigating search issues before you go to the step of filing a support ticket. If you end up filing a support ticket, the process should be smoother as well as you should have aggregated good information on what you have tried so far :)

The focus is on why items appear or don’t appear, or are missing values etc., not why your KQL queries are not working as intended. Combined with my previous book on search queries, you should be armed with good tools to build and investigate search.

If you’re still using SharePoint on-premises, many of the concepts still apply, so it’s still a good read.

Where can you get the book? Head over to Amazon!