Monday, March 16, 2020

Side effect of mapping crawled properties to refinable managed properties

Image by Miguel Perales @ Unsplash

Mapping a crawled property to a refinable one is a common scenario in SharePoint search. If you expect the content behind the crawled property to also be full text searchable, you need to map the crawled property to an additional managed property which is set to be Searchable.


By default a crawled property is full text searchable. Meaning if the property contains the text “pnp is awesome”, then a query for the term pnp, will yield a result.

Once you map the ows_columnName crawled property to say RefinableString00, then the above query will not work as RefinableString00 is not searchable by default, and overrides the behavior of the crawled property. If you query for RefinableString00:pnp as a property query you get results as RefinableString00 is queryable.

If you want the content to be both full text searchable and to be used in a refiner, create a new managed property, for example named TotalRecall, and map ows_columnName to this property as well. Remember that a crawled property can be mapped to any number of managed properties, and something you might want to do especially when mapping them to refinable managed properties.

For crawled properties applying to user profiles you can map to HiddenContents, which acts in a similar way. See for additional details.