Monday, July 8, 2024

One small step for SharePoint intranets, one giant leap for news roll-up


..well, not really, but it’s an improvement which makes news roll-up match multiple information architecture scenarios. I’ll leave it up to those setting up intranets to gage the usefulness, and I know there has been demand for this feature.

A shoutout to my old peeps at Puzzlepart for wanting this feature – adding to many other customers who have asked for this feature.

So, what am I talking about? In the news web part, when you use “Select sites” or “Recommended for the current user”, a new option to either show or hide the site title will show below the sites you pick.


When displaying news from one site, the site title is already hidden as you are on that one site anyways. If you pick more sites, you may want to hide the site title because content authoring happens in multiple sites because of information architecture, not because you need to show the site title.

Here’s an example with and without site titles.


Happy intranet authoring!

What’s great at Microsoft, is that anyone can contribute anywhere. The above feature was implemented by yours sincerely as part of one of the yearly hackathons we have at Microsoft. It allowed me to look more closely at how web parts are built in SharePoint, and also solve a customer pain. Win-win!