Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Improved relevancy with SP1

This was listed as one of the updated in SP1, and was actually released in the December CU. So what has really changed?

For all the default Metadata Categories in FAST for SharePoint the default behavior is to map auto-discovered crawled properties to the full-text index.


This leads to many irrelevant fields being searchable. The update is in fact adding many of these fields to an ignore list, setting the IsMappedToContents property of the crawled property to false.

The full list of the added ignored properties can be found in the function ImproveDefaultSchema in C:\FASTSearch\installer\scripts\include\commontasks.ps1.

The relevancy improvement is to avoid garbage into the index.

Thanks to Microsoft for providing this information.


  1. I just applied SP1 to my DEV box, checking SharePoint crawled properties category and found it is still set IsMappedToContents to true. Is this setting supposed to be changed by the SP1 installation?

  2. Ajax,
    It's still supposed to be set to true :) Which is usually the behavior we want. You can always change it if you want to.