Saturday, July 2, 2011

SharePoint MVP for 2011

Yesterday was the first day of my July vacation between jobs, and I was spending the evening having a good time with some friends of mine.

I arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes early, ordered a beer and checked my e-mail. And there it was, an e-mail from the Microsoft MVP team reading:

Congratulations 2011 Microsoft MVP

This is my first time being awarded, and I have been awarded in the SharePoint Server category. For those who follow my blog you know that FAST for SharePoint is what I do these days, and it’s a community I very much enjoy being a part of.

Getting an award is something to live up to in my opinion, and I will try my best to continue to do what I love Smile

PS! We all had a blast last night!


  1. Wow! That's awesome, Mikael! Congratulations and this is a well deserved award, with all the effort you have been doing here in your blog, in the TechNet forum, etc.

    Again, congratulations! :)


  2. Congratulation Michael
    it's a really really good news :)
    Xavier VANNESTE

  3. Thanks for the kind words. It's always nice to get a pat on the back for your hobbies :) And I'm lucky to have my hobby as my job.

  4. Congrats are maybe overdue - but still enjoy it.