Monday, December 22, 2014

Video Portal Troubleshooting

A new release without issues hard to achieve and Office 365 Video is no exception. I will explain a couple of typical scenarios which you might encounter.

  • A channel with that name already exists
  • I have renamed my channel, but the channel name is still listed with the old one on the channel listing page

A channel with that name already exists


In the above image I’m trying to create a channel named Test Channel. Creation however throws an error message saying the channel already exists. Looking at the other channel names behind the dialog box this is clearly not the case… or is it?

What has happened is that a channel with the name Test Channel had previously been created, and then deleted. Since Office 365 Video is backed by SharePoint a channel delete will put the site collection in the recycle bin available from">https://<tenant>


A site collection will be available for 30 days of restoration, which means a new channel with the same name/site collection name cannot be created until it expires from the recycle bin. The only way to expunge the site collection from the recycle bin is via a SharePoint Online Management Shell.

First connect to your tenant, and then expunge the site collection in question with the Remove-SPODeletedSite cmdlet, and the name will again be available for new channels.

Connect-SPOService -Url https://<tenant>
Remove-SPODeletedSite -Identity Channel">https://<tenant> Channel

I have renamed my channel, but name is still listed with the old one on the channel listing page


On the channel listing page I have a channel listed as Did App, but once I enter the channel it is named Did. The name shown on the channel page is pulled directly from the the site’s name, while the one shown on the listing page comes from search. Once the next search crawl has been ran, the name should be updated on the channel listing page as well. (In the case where the name is not updated within a day, file a support request as something has happened to the indexing).