Monday, June 29, 2015

SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool v2.4 released


I decided it was time to release v2.4  of the query tool this morning. No major changed, but some UI improvements to collapse Connection and Advanced boxed to leave more room for search settings (courtesy of Dan Göran Lunde). You can now also resize the window down to 800x600 for those using low resolution screens or remote desktop sessions.

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Here are the release notes:

  • NEW: Added support to use result source by name/scope  in addition to GUID
  • NEW: Added display support for freshness boost in rank details
  • NEW: Added support for sending in personalization data used in social distance
  • UI: Improvements on connection box to give more space for settings
  • UI: Allow resize of window down to 800x600
  • FIX: Use correct rank model with rank detail link
  • FIX: Authentication for search suggestions
  • FIX: Show file server crawled url's with / if using server name mappings
  • FIX: Handle empty path's for items
  • FIX: Made show all managed properties on my default, and removed from advanced settings
  • NEW: Added Dan Göran Lunde as code contributor in About box