Thursday, December 31, 2015

A quick look back at 2015 – and what lies ahead in 2016

I thought I’d for once take a look at which of my posts for the past year has been views the most. Here’s a pick of five out of the 70 I managed to write – and thanks to all who appreciate me doing this!
In addition to writing posts I also spoke at a few events, most notably Microsoft Ignite, which also was the most fun event in a way. I’m the “Battle of the graph” session was the only one at Ignite without a single slide, and the only one where a dude on stage was wearing a black hooded cape (me). But I did manage to get CollaboGraph app out of it.

So what’s next for 2016? Blogging wise we’ll see, but doing search relevance tuning seems like a topic. Speaking wise my only plan is to say something at the Arctic SharePoint Challenge in February, which I’m part of organizing. But I’m sure something pops up.

As for Office 365 and SharePoint I think it’s moving in the right direction, and the end of the year yielded some good discussions with fellow MVP’s at the MVP summit. Mix that with recent posts by Microsoft and I’m sure 2016 will be awesome.

At the end of the year Puzzlepart was bought by Crayon, certainly an opportunity for creating something interesting in the Office 365 space. Hopefully Puzzlepart’s and my own enthusiasm will rub off for some customers out there :-)