Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why the community is awesome!

I’m building out a custom form for a customer using AngularJS and Office UI Fabric. And I’m using the ng-officeuifabric directives to do so.

In my case I needed a multi-line text field. When I started out my project multi-line had not yet been implemented in the <uif-textfield> directive so I went with the markup directly from Office UI Fabric instead. Along the way multi-line support got added, but there was an issue that if you clicked within the textbox on the label, the control did not activate – you had to click beside the text in order for the textbox to get focus.

I headed over to the github site for ng-officeuifabric and logged an issue on it. Soon after Andi Krüger picked it up, created a branch with a fix and I got an e-mail alert to take a look. I pulled down the branch, built-it, found and fixed a bug where it didn’t check for single line or multi-line, which I notified Andi of on the projects Slack channel. Boom, issue resolved in less than 24h.

Came back from lunch and Andrew Connell has merged Andi's PR on the matter and a new npm package was readily available. Ran "npm -update" and I was good to go with the latest release.

That's how AWESOME the community is!