Friday, February 2, 2018

Two free SharePoint Framework Extensions for Office 365 Groups

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At Puzzlepart we believe that sharing is caring, and it’s pretty core in how we think about code and solutions. We contribute monthly to SharePoint PnP, but the two extensions released here are not really samples on how to use SPFx, but they solve concrete business problems.

We’ll start off with two extensions, and add more extensions and web parts in the time coming forward.

You can find the code at

Enable Teams on an Office 365 Group

If you are working in an environment where the out of the box self-service of Office 365 Groups have been turned off, but you still want to create Teams for O365 Groups via some other provisioning solution – or give users an alternative to create the Team via the Teams client, this is the extensions for you.

Move Everyone to Visitors

By default in a public Office 365 Group every employee in your organization will have write access to the groups site. I believe you should be an explicit member of a group in order to produce content in it, so it makes more sense for a public group for everyone to have read-only access instead.

This extension sits silently on the group site, and when a group owner visits the site it checks that non-members have read-only and not contribute access. If the Everyone group somehow has been given contribute access, it’s moved back.