Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A simple solution to implementing proper back functionality in PowerApps

When navigating between screens in PowerApps you use the Navigate function. There is also a Back function which takes you to the previous screen. The caveat with Back is that it doesn’t build a navigation history, but remember the previous screen only. This means that if you go from screen 5 to 4 using Back, then the next Back call will take you to 5 again, not screen 3.

Do I really need to think about this?
Well, if you have linear navigation in your application, you simply hard code navigation back and forth – no problem. If you have no-linear navigation, meaning you evaluate logic as to which screen will be the next, then this is for you.

Tell me the solution!

If you are on a screen named Screen1 you would typically navigate to Screen2 with:


The clue is to add a third context parameter passing in the current screen which will be local to the new screen:


Then on the back button of any screen use:


It’s all in the documentation if you care to read it :)

Photo by Chris MarquardtLicense