Friday, March 22, 2019

Exposing a Group calendar in Teams (also for external members)

Every Microsoft Team is built upon an Office 365 Group, and each group has a group calendar. Unfortunately external users don’t have direct access to this calendar. There are a couple of ways to add a group calendar to Teams as a teams tab, but currently there is only one configurable approach which works for external members of a team/group.

(The non-working option is to add a teams tab which point to the URL for the groups calendar.)

The steps involved are to go to the Teams modern team site, create a new page, add the calendar web part to that page, and then link to to that page as a teams tab.

Here I’ve create a page called calendar.

In the Microsoft Teams client, add a SharePoint tab, pointing to this page.

When an external user visits the team, the calendar displays nicely in the tab, as it would for internal users.

Note: Newly added users to a team might not see the calendar right away as it takes a little bit of time for permissions to synchronize