Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Copilot Productivity Tip – Structured formatting in Word

Time spent per day before: 15 minutes per document
Time spent with Copilot: 5 minutes per document


Taking my previous post about re-writing text in Word, we can prompt to have key points from the text pulled out and as an example formatted as a table for easier consumption.


The prompt used is “Extract key points into a table with two columns for key point header and details”, and the output is the table below.

Key point  


Copilot can rewrite the content 

Copilot can check and improve the tense, the passive voice, the readability, and the personal tone of the content. 

Copilot may or may not respect the writer's style 

Copilot's suggestions may vary depending on the instructions given by the writer. The writer can try to specify the style they want and see what Copilot does.