Friday, March 15, 2024

Copilot Productivity Tip – Teams Meeting Insights

Time spent per day before: 0-120 minutes
Time spent with Copilot: 0-15 minutes


The beauty of online meetings with transcripts is the ability to quickly go back and find key points later without having to watch the recording or read thru the full transcript. 

By default Teams provides an AI notes section with a quick summary, and using the Copilot pane you can ask more direct questions such as summarizing your talking points, or ask what your action items were for the meeting.

My best example is a late night meeting where I forgot to take notes and the next morning I knew I was supposed to contact an “Andrew”, but had forgotten the full name. Requesting the name in the meetings Copilot quickly gave me the name, saving me around 15 minutes and some grief.