Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Using FFDDumper to log items in a custom pipeline with FS4SP

In my previous post How to "spy" the data in a custom pipeline extensibility stage with FS4SP I explained how to use the undocumented Spy stage to view all crawled properties available in the pipeline.

There is also a documented way to log all content called FFDDumper which executes as the first step in the processing pipeline.

You enable this stage by editing C:\FASTSearch\etc\config_data\DocumentProcessor\optionalprocessing.xml.

After enabling the logging stage and executing psctrl reset in order to have the processing component pick up the changes, do a re-crawl of your content.

In C:\FASTSearch\data\ffd you will now have files appearing.
In my opinion the Spy stage is better as it shows more information, at least when adding it further down the pipeline after document conversion has been execute. But I thought I’d mention this supported logging stage as well.