Thursday, May 29, 2014

Display Templates from my SPC14 and ESPC14 talks

At SPC14 and ESPC14 I used some custom display templates where I slightly changed the default search center UI. Included is:

  • counts to the vertical tabs
  • icons for file formats
  • department refiner for content
  • styled the best bets
  • context wire-up for User Segments triggering in query rules
  • blog post template
  • document link template

The templates work equally well for SharePoint Online as for on-premises.


You can find the templates over at the SPCSR community project at github if you navigate to DisplayTemplates / Search Display Templates / mAdcOW Search Center Templates.

For those interested, check out my ESPC14 slides.

And see David Hollembaek’s and my SPC14 presentation and slide deck over at