Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I’m on a PowerTrip

imageBack at the MVP Summit in November 2013 there was this plinko game where you could win awesome prizes. The coolest hardware wise was some portable Bose speakers which looked awesome. At the end of the MVP party we were a group of 11 people and there were plenty of prizes left, particularly a bunch of those Bose speakers!

So what happened… well 9 out of 11 won the Bose speakers, while Jeremy Thake and I won ourselves a PowerTrip by PowerStick instead. At the time I felt really really bummed. But that was then!



The PowerTrip is portable USB charger, and a gadget I use now use frequently. It charges my phone and my Kindle all the time. It charges a lot faster than my wall plugged charger, packs 5700mAh which lasts for 3-4 full phone charges, and can itself be charged via wall socket, USB or even solar panel.

My phone is an old Nokia Lumia 800 which is desperate need of a new battery, so being able to hook it up to this charging brick is a big bonus for me. I have also let other people borrow it at airports when travelling, without being afraid they will drain it.

So, if you have some space in your bag for a portable charger, this one is definitely one to get!